Why Men Are the Way They Are (Paperback)


Why Men Are the Way they Are is what women don't know about men – and men don't know about themselves. Its author started more than 300 men and women's groups – joined by men from John Lennon to John Gray.Oprah calls Why Men Are…'One terrific book!'

The N.Y. Post calls it 'The most important book ever written about love, sex and intimacy.'

You'll want to read Why Men Are the Way they Areif you've ever asked any of…

These eight questions about a man:

  • How can I get him to express his feelings before he becomes angry?
  • Why are the men I am attracted to the most difficult to get along with?
  • Why are men so afraid of commitment?
  • Why do so many men have so few men friends?
  • Why can't men listen?
  • Why are men so preoccupied with sports?
  • Why can't a man be a friend before a sex partner?
  • Why are men such jerks?


These seven questions about a woman:

  • Why do women say they'd like to hear my feelings but then withdraw when they hear my feelings?
  • Why are the women I'm most attracted to the most difficult to get along with?
  • If women are so liberated, why do they still want me to ask them out, pay for dinner, take all the sexual initiatives, and call them in the morning?
  • Why is a woman who supports just herself called a 'career woman' while a man who supports just himself is called a 'playboy'?
  • Why are men denied equal opportunity to the children after divorce?
  • If women really got less pay for equal work, why would any employer hire a man?
  • Why do most married women have the option to work or raise children, while their husbands have the option to work or work?

For the audio version, Dr. Warren Farrell personally rewrote the book's highlights as if it were a dialogue between, say, you and him – allowing you to answer others' questions. 100% money back guarantee by author.