Why Men Earn More (Hardcover)


Why Men Earn More was chosen by U.S. News and World Report as one of the top four career books. It offers 25 concrete ways women or men can earn more – to easily out-earn the average man. However, Dr. Farrell is candid about the fact that 'the road to high pay is a toll road' – requiring working more hours, working weekends, and often doing less-fulfilling jobs. Dr. Farrell's solutions include knowing how each trade-off fits each personality; knowing which careers pay women the most (e.g., female sales engineers get paid 141% of male sales engineers); knowing which careers will be thriving in the future, and why. This is a perfect birthday or graduation present for someone you love.

Part of Why Men Earn More's subtitle is The Startling Truth Behind the Pay Gap because it is the most thoughtful explanation of why the gender pay gap is not primarily about discrimination between men and women, but about the division of labor between mothers and fathers. By once again understanding the trade-offs for each decision, any couple can make a better decision about who should be in the workplace and who should be with the children.

The second part of Why Men Earn More's subtitle is What Women Can Do About It. Some examples – of both opportunities and trade-offs:

  • Choose a career with higher financial and emotional risks (i.e.: venture capitalist)
  • Find a specialty that requires frequent updating – and stay current
  • Seek out more lucrative subfields (surgeon vs. psychiatrist)
  • Get hazard pay without the hazards (i.e.: be an administrator in the Air Force)
  • Relocate – especially to undesirable locations at the company's behest
  • Require less job security