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Where Warren Will Be section:
March 6 – Boston

“What Every Dad, Mom and Judge Needs to Know About the Importance of the Biological Dad”
Fathers and Families at the Thayer School in Brocton in Thompson Hall from 7-9 PM.

March 15-17 – Sacramento
PSI Seminars – Men’s Leadership
Visit for more info and registration.
June 23-25 – Esalen “Women Can’t Hear
What Men Don’t Say.” Workshop (Big Sur, Ca)

An experiential workshop that gets both sexes to emotionally experience the challenges that lead to the way men and women are the way they are. This includes material from Warren’s latest books, but also builds on the best workshop experiences honed over the thirty years Warren has been conducting workshops. On Big Sur’s cliffs, hot tubs overlooking the Pacific, time for massages, gourmet food…a great get-away. For registration contact (831) 667-3000 ext.7321.
CEUs for Psychologists, Nurses, MFTs, LCSWs .

Click here for flyer .
June 30- July 2 – Esalen Couples’ Communication
Workshop (Big Sur, Ca)

For a detailed description, click here.
For registration, contact (831) 667-3000 ext.7321.

CEUs for Psychologists, Nurses, MFTs, LCSWs.
Extraordinary setting; time for massages, hot tubs.
(“Couples” may also be parent/child or same sex.) For reaction of couples to the last Esalen Communication workshop, click here.