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How to Save Your Children if you Can’t Save Your Marriage

“Dr. Warren Farrell is the greatest expert on the importance of fathers. His DVD,The Best Interests of the Child, is incredible. Just incredible. It is chock full of insights and information. It is priceless.”

Steve Ashley, Director of Divorced Fathers Network and Radio Show, Santa Cruz, CA

Step 1: Order an Evidence Kit

When you order this “Evidence Kit,” you’ll have everything you need to help the court understand exactly why the best parent is both parents.

The Evidence Kit includes:

  • One copy of Dr. Warren Farrell’s Father and Child Reunion,
  • Lucidly-written, with hundreds of footnotes and research references, it is the largest meta-analysis, in book form, of what is best either for children of divorce, or children raised in non-intact families. For years we had theories. Now that we have answers, there’s no reason for your child’s life to be damaged by ignorance. (See below for more details.)
  • Three sets of “The Best Interests of the Child”(6 DVDs Total)
  • In “The Best Interests of the Child” Dr. Farrell is cross-examined on virtually every question that might arise in court when the question of whether both parents should be equally involved is at issue, for example, if the parents are in high conflict, or one wishes to move away for a new job, spouse, etc.
  • The “Kit” contains three copies because you usually need 3 copies to submit as evidence; one for you, one for the other parent’s attorney, and one for the court. Dr. Farrell strongly recommends you watch this video with your attorney when you give a copy to him or her.
  • (Note that many courts will not accept this as evidence except in conjunction with an expert witness.)
  • One Audio CD Set version of “The Best Interests of the Child” (for your convenience while traveling).
  • Documented case law governing parental rights with over 250 case citations stored on a USB flash drive drive labeled “Evidence Kit” for use in your case and court submissions.
  • The “Evidence Kit” flash drive also includes recent research showing the custody arrangement that is superior for children, as well as instructions that show you how to make your parenting plan consistent with this research.

To order, click here.

Step 2: If needed, involve me.

Dear Parent,

Most judges and helping professionals know children of divorce do better when raised by both parents. However, when a mom feels “it would be best for my children to live with me,” and the judge witnesses parents in conflict, or the mom cites fear of the husband, or a “need” to move away, or a need for stability, even professionals assume she knows best. In the process, they may miss cues that reveal her territoriality (such as saying “my children”) and hints of her underlying resistance to genuine shared parenting.

Why is it some moms’ resistance to genuine shared parenting so easily missed? Because our understanding of a dad’s contribution runs so shallow. Even the dad doesn’t understand what the research shows about exactly how children benefit from his involvement. And moms can’t hear what dads don’t say.

My decade of research, which generated the book Father and Child Reunion, changes that. It creates such depth of understanding about the value of dad-as-equal that it shocks even dads. For example, did you know that children raised primarily by dads do better than children raised primarily by moms? Neither does your attorney. Nor your judge.

More important, Father and Child Reunion and the Evidence Kit will help you understand why dads are so crucial. For example, the more exposure to dad, the more empathetic your children are likely to be. Do you know why? Or why a dad’s equal involvement is likely to reduce your child’s propensity for ADHD, drugs, delinquency, depression, disobedience, temper tantrums, nightmares, divorce, low self-esteem, teenage pregnancy, self-centeredness, poor social development, and underachievement in every academic area? (And that’s just for starters!).

Because it is hard to imagine how an attorney might translate a book into questions for an expert witness in court, I created the CD and DVD “The Best Interests of the Child.” This allows the attorney to understand what questions to ask and the answers I give that most inspire the judge to question the assumption that “mom knows best.”

The evidence kit will cost you $129, less than a half hour of my time. I may—or may not—be available as an expert witness. You’ll get a sense as to whether I am the right person for you when you’ve reviewed at least the CD and the first two chapters of Father and Child Reunion. (My email address is But if there’s even a small chance you and the mom (or dad) can resolve your parenting issues by communication rather than litigation, you’ll give your children the gift of knowing how to amicably resolve differences. And you’ll model for your children how, if they cannot save their future marriage, they can nevertheless save their children. In brief, I’d much prefer to be used to facilitate your communication (see top of page).

– Dr. Warren Farrell,
Author, Father and Child Reunion

Outcomes for Children After Expert Witness Testimony

Of the last eleven dads I worked with, ten received equal or near-equal parenting time from the court. Several of the dads’ attorneys saw virtually no chance the court would grant their client visitation rights beyond every other weekend. In one Texas case a father who ordered the “Evidence Kit” won the return of his child in a landmark decision. I’m not just here for dads, though. I possess an equal desire to help any mom whose children are being deprived of her equal involvement by their father. It’s really all about helping the kids.

The following unedited response is from a police officer and father in Ohio:

“My name is Kyle Gray. My daughter was 20 months old before I ever had the opportunity to spend “daddy-daughter time” one-on-one with my child. Dr. Farrell was the biggest proponent to this happening. His passion to help anyone overcome a biased court system, to parent their child is truly a blessing. He has used his experience, knowledge, education, and moral sense to mend broken hearts and homes. His mere presence showed my Judge the passion, desire and love that I have for my little girl. Dr. Farrell flew to Cincinnati, testified, and was also ordered by the Judge, to observe me with my daughter. At the point we showed up to see her, it had been 6 months since I last saw her. It will be a memory I will never forget, and I owe this to Warren. Without his help I am certain that my outcome would have been different. I currently reside in a county that overwhelmingly favors a mother-custody arrangement. Dr. Farrell “set ’em straight.” I currently have over 40% of my daughter’s time, to show her, love her, teach her, and grow her.

I owe Dr. Farrell a huge gratitude, because my case is not over yet, and this is my “starting point.” As a police officer, I witness the horrible things that children do to compensate for the lack of a paternal influence. With God’s help, a good attorney (God bless MJ Donovan) and Dr. Farrell, I will not stop until the Judges and Magistrates of these communitites realize the harm that they are doing to our children. If there is any way possible that I can help anyone who is trying to see their child, please contact me, and I will point you to Dr. Warren Farrell.”

– Kyle Gray
Cincinnatti, Ohio
January, 2009

“I was able to submit the DVD into evidence and the Judge took high interest.”

– Paul O
February 2009

Expert Witness on Gender Pay Discrimination

I can testify as to why gender pay discrimination cannot be assumed just because more men—or women—are at the top of a corporate ladder.

My latest book, Why Men Earn More: The Startling Truth Behind the Pay Gap–and What Women Can Do About It (2005) documents that men and women do twenty-five different behaviors in the workplace, each of which leads to men earning more money, and to women having more balanced lives (between family and work). This creates the appearance of discrimination against men, but when men and women work equal hours at the exact same job in the same company with equal responsibilities, equal willingness to travel, relocate, be flexible (come in Saturdays when needed), then it appears women currently earn more than men.

In brief, I can let the court know what must be evaluated before a company can fairly be sued for discrimination.

My background with companies includes being chosen by the Financial Times as one of the world’s top 100 thought leaders.
See Corporate Bio If you have questions, feel free to email me at Warren Farrell, Ph.D.