Unsolicited comments from the June 2009 Esalen Couples’ Communication Retreat

(from evaluations, or unsolicited emails; people with initials may be contacted by contacting Warren Farrell at warren@warrenfarrell.com):
“Chrissy and I believe our Esalen weekend with you and the group was one of the peak experiences of our married lives. We met last night for our first session, selected music, made a plan for a weekly meeting time, and enjoyed really hearing each other. Both of us believe this is the beginning of a new, loving way of relating. I also realize I need to establish new male friendships here on the peninsula. So that is another goal I have set for myself since this weekend. I shared a bit of the experience with my 27 and 22 year-old daughters, both very good conversations. Thanks again for your good work!”

John Triska

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate having participated in your workshop. That weekend ignited a spark of hope and romance in me that I had largely forgotten about. It also inspired me to be much more creative and positive in relating to my husband.”

“My husband recently commented on how brilliantly you wove together and illustrated a lot of major concepts. It really looked quite effortless! I also was really impressed by the depth of your contribution.”


“I came believing the differences between my wife and me were too great to bridge — that silence was the safest way to survive conflict. Through this workshop I have learned the “love guarantee” — by listening (using the cinematic immersion method), I know she will feel loved by me; and the more loved she feels, the more she will love me.”

Anonymous, on Evaluation form

“[ The workshop was] Great. The instructor was extremely helpful & knowledgeable and extended his help outside the class as well. (In the tubs, at meal times, etc). Very open , very “here for us”.

Lyndsey Knapp

“Awesome teacher…very wonderful & healing. Thanks Warren for a relationship altering experience in bliss-land. It was great!”

Johnee Gange

“I’ve been able to express certain emotions/concerns to my husband and he understood. Powerful tools for future communication together. Left with specific suggestions on how to get through tough times together.”

Christine Triska

“Dr. Farrell is a terrific workshop leader and he really made himself available for us…the skills I learned will help me not only communicate better with my spouse but also with individuals”

Anonymous, on Evaluation form

“Wonderful! Warren facilitated beyond my expectations. I received more than I thought possible.”

Wes Rowland